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Dec 12, 2016Posted By DigitalNext
Surprising Facts About Melbourne

10 Surprising Facts About Melbourne

Melbourne is a stunning part of the world. It’s a great place to call home, and many of us know the best parts of Melbourne, like where to go for a coffee or where to avoid when you don’t want to queue for brunch on a Saturday! While the common things about Melbourne are pretty well known, there are a few incredible facts about Melbourne that are probably a bit less known. In the interest of getting to know Melbourne just a little bit better, RNR Melbourne has compiled a list of 10 surprising facts about this glorious city! 

  1. Fosters beer – the bane of Aussies everywhere and the favoured beverage of the English (go figure) was first brewed in Melbourne way back in 1888, when craft beer was but a twinkle in the eye of Fitzroy locals everywhere. The first batch of Fosters was brewed by brothers from the USA, William and Ralph Foster.

  2. Another iconic product calls Melbourne home – Vegemite was first made in 1922 after months of exhaustive laboratory testing. Dr Cyril P Callister was the pioneer of Vegemite, as he created a taste that divided public opinion! The tasty treat that is Vegemite is still only made at the Vegemite factory in Port Melbourne at Fisherman’s Bend.

  3. Another first – Melbourne is home to Toto’s, Australia’s first pizza restaurant which opened – rather fittingly – in Little Italy, Lygon Street in 1961 where it remains to this day.

  4. Melbournians love their trams, and the tramway network is the largest outside of Europe, and the fourth largest in the world!

  5. John Batman landed in Port Phillip Bay in May of 1835, and before Melbourne was called Melbourne, it was known as Batmania in his honour. Batman was part of a syndicate who bought up 600,000 acres of land around Melbourne.

  6. The mighty Yarra was a cesspool in the 1880s and earned the city the creative moniker, ‘Smellbourne’. In 1897 after a typhoid epidemic, the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works built a sewerage system to move the wastewater to Werribee.

  7. Melbourne is the fox capital of the world, with around six to 23 foxes per square kilometer in the metropolitan area. That’s a lot of foxes!

  8. Our very own National Gallery has the world’s largest stained glass ceiling – at 51 metres by 15 metres, it’s a highly impressive structure.

  9. The first traffic lights ever to be installed in Australia were put in on the intersection of Collins and Swanston Streets in 1912.

  10. Melbourne was once the capital city of Australia from 1901 to 1927.

With such a fascinating history, it makes sense that it’s one of the most livable cities in the world!

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