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Apr 29, 2017Posted By DigitalNext
5 Travel Tips To Simplify Your Stay

Map Of Melbourne: 5 Travel Tips To Simplify Your Stay

Melbourne has long been dubbed the ‘Paris’ of Australia because it manages to combine a super contemporary culture with a laid back, borderline-bohemian approach to life. It is a city which borrows from New York, London, and Europe, but it also has a unique, effervescent quality. In this cosmopolitan playground, anything is possible.

Each year, Melbourne welcomes a staggering 57 million visitors from other parts of Australia, with a further two million coming from overseas. If you dream of being one of them, all you’ve got to do is book a flight, pack your sunhat, and start exploring. It is one of the easiest cities to get around because there is plenty of free transportation in the central districts.

Also, don’t forget that RNR Serviced Apartments can provide you with a great place to stay while you get to know this beautiful part of Australia. Keep reading for some more travel tips and advice.


1. How to Get Around Fast

There are free tourist buses and a free city circle tram for visitors who want to hop around the centre of Melbourne with speed. Services start at 10 am, with the last bus departing at 4 pm and the last tram at 6 pm. They arrive regularly at approximately ten-minute intervals. Check out our guide to the best attractions within the free-tram zone.

If you want to ride regular buses and trains, you’ll need to get a Myki card and top it up with credit. They can be bought in a huge variety of places, from train stations to 7-Eleven stores.


2. Finding a Place to Rest

Melbourne is home to a good range of hostels, hotels, and rented apartments.

Whatever your budget, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a temporary home during your stay. At RNR Serviced Apartments, we believe the best way to experience this city is from a luxurious, self-contained suite. Our apartments are beautifully decorated, packed full of comforts, and come with a fully equipped kitchen and lounge. There’s no better way to travel.


3. Always Stay Connected

We know how important staying connected is to our visitors, so every serviced apartment offers free Wi-Fi. You’ll also find opportunities to surf across most of the central districts in Melbourne. There is free public Wi-Fi in many areas. You can use 250MB per day without logging in or creating any kind of account, so it is really easy to check social media and browse the net while travelling.

Click here for a map of free Wifi hotspots in the city.


4. The Tipping Etiquette

Many travellers are pleased to find out that there’s no real tipping culture in Australia, certainly not in the same way as a city like New York. If you have a particularly great meal or want to show appreciation for good service, tips are welcomed, but they aren’t expected.

The most common amount to tip is a modest 10% of the bill, but this isn’t considered stingy or ungenerous. Only give more because you want to, not because you assume that you should.


5. Travelling Into the City

Unusually, there are no train or tram lines connected to the Tullamarine airport. It means that the best way to make it into the city, after your flight, is to catch a bus. There are two main options. You can hop on the Skybus shuttle to the city centre and take a free tram to your hotel. RNR Serviced Apartments can be found on Elizabeth Street, at Stop Number 10. Or, you can book a StarBus shuttle direct from the airport to your apartment door.


Why You Should Stay with RNR Serviced Apartments

RNR is the perfect choice for your next adventure in Melbourne.

Our beautiful serviced apartments are designed to cater to your every need. There is a private balcony, a fully equipped kitchen, a free parking, a 24-hour receptionist, daily housekeeping, and a range of corporate services for business visitors. Our aim is to ensure that your visit turns into a trip to remember, whether you’re seeing family, taking in the sights, or traveling for work.

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