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Dec 18, 2016Posted By DigitalNext
Exploring The City of Melbourne

Exploring The City of Melbourne and Becoming A True Melbournian

Like all major cities, Melbourne has its own personality and characteristics as do its residents. While the city may be a little overwhelming at first, once you have been a part of it for some time, then you too will begin to become a true Melbournian.


Getting Lost

Melbourne city is a maze of laneways cutting between streets that any newcomer to the city can easily get himself or herself lost in. These laneways do provide an extra dimension to Melbourne and are full of interesting and quirky shops and cafes that you may not be aware of when you first come to the city. However, mastering these laneways over time means that you will realize there is a shortcut to almost anywhere in Melbourne and they really are a Melbournian’s best friend when getting about town.


Getting Coffee

Melbourne has been dubbed the world’s “coffee capital” and there is no end to a number of cafes on high streets and back alleys, tempting in customers with the rich and dark aroma of quality coffee. Only a true Melbournian however, will know where the best cup of coffee can be found. It can be nice to try a few places out in your search for the perfect espresso or cappuccino.


Using Public Transport

The public transport in and around Melbourne is a quick and reliable way to travel around the city. However, with the vast amount of routes and stops the buses, trains and trams can take, it is easy for a local to get confused let alone a tourist! We have all felt that awful sinking feeling and sense of panic when we miss our stop or the tram takes an unexpected turn, but the only way to master the public transport network in Melbourne is practice, practice, practice. With frequent use, you will soon get the hang of it and be whizzing about the city with ease like you have lived in Melbourne all your life.


Finding A Base

One of the best ways to explore the city and truly become immersed in the Melbournian life is to rent a serviced apartment in Melbourne. Instead of relying on a hotel to cater for your needs, having an apartment allows you to be more self-sufficient – so find the best grocers, cafes and supermarkets around and truly become a part of this vibrant and exciting city.

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