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Jul 24, 2017Posted By DigitalNext
Why Spring Is The Best Time To Hold A Corporate Event

The Benefit Of Blooms – Why Spring Is The Best Time To Host A Corporate Event In Melbourne

With Winter having passed us by, spring feels like a breath of relief in this topsy-turvy meteorological year. The warmth is starting to creep back into the days and the nights are a bit less frosty. The rain is falling heavier and more often but is regularly followed by beautiful afternoons, and the time for corporate events is upon us.

Unlike summer, spring is ripe with opportunities for ideal days where the weather is mild, and that means that now is the time to start planning your corporate event, but it’s not only the temperature that makes this season ideal.

To ensure that your stay is spent in comfort and luxury, book a beautiful serviced apartment with RNR Melbourne today! For more factors that make spring ideal for the corporate world, read on.



Beyond temperature, there is still more to say on the weather of this season. The chilly single digits of winter do give way to the intrinsically perfect low 20’s, but beyond that, there is also less of a chill factor in the wind. The humidity of summer hasn’t kicked in yet, and the strong winds of a winter storm are long gone, making spring more still than seems necessary.

Finally, the rainstorms are easy to predict, even by Melbourne standards, and this makes spring much more accommodating for a large-scale corporate event because it allows you to avoid the sudden rain of winter that would threaten your employees’ and colleagues’ enjoyment.



Finding good accommodation for out-of-town business partners and potential future clients is a nightmare in the summer months. In Melbourne, summer is a time for beaches and giant waterslides, art shows, bands, festivals and fun. This makes it a great time to be in Melbourne in general, but a terrible time to try and book reasonable accommodation.

Spring, on the other hand, experiences less of these booking stresses, and so more reasonable prices are available, as well as better-quality places for your important out-of-towners.



Spring exists as the time of year when all of the plants bloom. This is great for corporate events because, suddenly, tasteful flower arrangements are cheaper. The gentle lilting scents of spring fill the air and freshen every outdoor area, and parks and public areas that are bland stretches of plain grass most of the year turn into canvasses of beauty and natural wonder.

The aesthetic shift in the city of Melbourne is palpable as the spring months roll around, and this is yet another reason that spring is the time of year for your event.



When compared to any other season, spring can hold its own for a variety of reasons. Winter has the cold and the dark, Autumn has the declining weather and the shorter days, and summer is unreasonable populated with pests of all kinds.

Flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants are staples of any outdoor experience in summer, but spring manages to bring the warmth and the sunshine without any of the dreaded airborne annoyances of summer. Your colleagues and workers won’t spend their conference swatting at flies but instead making connections.
For these reasons, spring is the time of year for your corporate event to go ahead. Don’t think twice about the seasons, start making your bookings with RNR Melbourne today to ensure your event kicks off before summer’s heat kicks in.

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