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Jun 16, 2016Posted By DigitalNext
How To Make Hospital Easier On Everyone

How To Find Relatives Accommodation For Long-Term Hospital Stays

Having a relative who is ill or has lost mobility is a very stressful situation for both you and your relative. As much as we would like to bring them home with us for care a busy lifestyle and lack of medical equipment and know how makes this an impossible option. Often a hospital stay is the only viable option for you and most importantly your loved one.

Today Australia’s hospital beds are filling up an alarming rate, leaving limited hospital accommodation in Melbourne to deal with people who need long term care. This can also affect what hospital your loved one will have to stay at, and unfortunately, that stay can be hours from where you live, making visiting them a huge hassle.

When hospital stay is required

If your relative needs to be in hospital to handle their care you will want to be close to them. One thing to consider is finding a north Melbourne accommodation that is close by the hospital that your relative is or will be staying at. At RNR Melbourne we offer a whole host of serviced apartments in close proximity to hospitals, making your stressful time a little easier.

Having a sick or immobile relative in hospital is stressful enough without having to drive hours back and forth to the hospital that is caring for them. Finding an apartment that offers short term and long term stays can relieve this stress substantially. Your focus should be on visiting and lifting the spirits of your sick relative – not planning your commute to and from the hospital.

Another thing to consider is how long it will take you to get to the hospital if something urgent should come up. Staying somewhere close to the hospital makes you available to them day or night should they need you, which provides that extra peace of mind knowing that you are only minutes away from your loved one at any given time. Having a sick relative can be a hard and strenuous time, but it doesn’t have to turn your life upside down.

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