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Oct 21, 2016Posted By DigitalNext
How To Make Hospital Easier On Everyone

How to Make a Loved One’s Time in Hospital Easier on Everyone

A stay in hospital can be a tough time for all involved.

It’s already hard on the person who finds themselves thrust into a hospital bed, but for family and friends, it can be mentally and emotionally draining to see someone you love in that position. You want to make sure that the time in hospital is as easy as possible during this undeniably difficult time, which is why we have created a short guide, hopefully giving you the advice you need to get through this and come out unscathed.

Appoint someone to take care of things

Depending on the circumstances of the person’s hospitalisation, you’re going to have to take some time off to manage things. You may also have to pull yourself away from some tasks – or delegate them to someone else you can trust. After all, everyday obligations like watering the plants and taking care of the pets aren’t going to go away just because you can’t currently attend to them. Getting a trusted friend or family member to get on board and either house-sit for you or look after your tasks will take the pressure off, and let you spend time looking after your loved one.

Make them comfortable

Spending time confined to a medical facility can be extremely monotonous and uncomfortable for the person who is ill or needing the stay, placing the obligation on you to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to make their time as painless as possible. You can get a laptop or tablet for them and pack it full of movies, games and apps, organise access to internet for Spotify, or music to listen to on an iPod.

If you can bring pictures from home in frames, it’ll make the hospital room a nicer place to while away the hours. If it’s a child, you might want to make sure you have special blankets or toys that make them feel more comfortable. Above all else, you need to make sure that you’re listening, and taking care of their needs where you can.

Keep track of meds and communication

If you have people doing shifts, you get a break, but it also means that some things can get lost in translation. Maintaining a low-tech logbook is an excellent option for staying on top of things. That way, you don’t have to rely on one person to remember everything, and you can spend more time looking after your loved one instead of fretting about whether they had the right meds at the right time.

Stay nearby

If you are able to stay nearby in a serviced apartment, it makes getting to the hospital for visits that much easier. Ensuring that you are always close to the hospital will allow for some much-needed peace of mind, as you always know that someone will be there if your friend or family member needs a helping hand.
We wish you all the best with your loved one’s stay in hospital, and sincerely hope that you are able to give them all of the support they require and desire during this difficult time.

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